A Year in Review: 2015

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Ahhh, 2015. The year of Pluto discoveries, major elections around the world, and a new Star Wars movie. In the tech world, Microsoft came out with a browser to replace Internet Explorer, ad blockers became mainstream, and tech companies championed privacy for their users by supporting stronger encryption and security.

This year also included a big milestone for my business: I hit the 3 year mark! I gained some great new clients and connections and am looking forward to what 2016 brings. Even better, I hit all of my goals for my business this year!

2015 Year in Review

This year was chock full of good stuff!

On the family front, I gained another nephew this year, and the four older ones are crazy fun and have tons of energy. Even when I’m caffeined-up they can run circles around me!

Family update

I had a new goal this year of reading every day. I got through a TON of good books this year. If you want to know what I’m reading, you can check out my Bookshelf. It’s a mix of business, theology, philosophy, and life books. Anything that catches my eye or seems interesting ends up on my list to read. Have recommendations for me to read in 2016? Leave a comment below!

2015 books you should read

I also got involved with Girl Develop It in Los Angeles this year. The LA chapter is run by a great group of ladies. I taught a PHP class to beginner coders this year, and loved helping them get started in programming.

“Girl Develop It is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide affordable and judgment-free opportunities for women interested in learning web and software development.”

Girl Develop It PHP class

My website logo was updated this year! It was created by designer and Yellow Conference creator Joanna Waterfall. And speaking of conferences, I was able to attend both the Yellow Conference and Wordcamp LA this year, and plan on doing both again next year!

Kim Joy Fox Logo

Overall, I put a lot of hard work into growing my company and I’m happy to say it’s paid off this year. One of the biggest things I increased this year was more communication with clients. Every time I worked on a site, I’d send over a quick update email about what I worked on and the next time I had the site scheduled in. And as expected, clients loved it!

Looking forward to 2016

I’m excited for goals in 2016! Beyond keeping up with the changes I made last year, I’m working to find a non-profit I can volunteer at (hopefully the Good Shepherd Shelter in LA). I plan on continuing to teach classes at Girl Develop It and reading fantastic books.

The most exciting thing coming in 2016 is a brand new Email Newsletter for small businesses. Business owners are always asking me how they can improve their website, so for 2016, I’m creating the Quarterly Byte: an email sent the first Friday of the quarter with a bite-size actionable item to improve your website that you can do in under 2 hours. It’ll be like having your own personal web developer in your pocket! And the best thing is that it’s FREE.

Want to see an example or sign up? Check out the Quarterly Byte page.

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What about you?

Let me know how you did on your goals last year and what your goals are for this coming year in the comments below!

Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor.

– Brian Tracy