Adding Options with Pricing Variations to Woocommerce Products


WooCommerce options pricing variationsWooCommerce is currently one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms in the world, downloaded over 1.1 million times. It’s a fantastic choice for small businesses because it does the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

But some things within WooCommerce can be a bit confusing. One of most common questions I get asked is about adding variations, with or without pricing differences, to a product. Thankfully, it’s a fairly simple process once you get the hang of it.

In this example, I’ll be adding options for a cotton or wool blanket.

Step 1 – The Product

Of course we’ve got to get to the product first. Log into your WordPress site and choose PRODUCTS on the left side. Hover over any product and choose EDIT, or add a product using the ADD PRODUCT button at the top.

Once you’ve got your product’s basic information added, scroll down to the PRODUCT DATA area (directly below the main box). This box is where we’ll do all the edits below.

Step 2 – Setting up the Attributes

Within the PRODUCT DATA box, change the dropdown at the top from simple product to VARIABLE PRODUCT.

Woocommerce Multiple Products

Click ATTRIBUTES on the left side of that box area, and click ADD (blue button on the right).

When you name the attribute remember that it is actually an attribute of the product – so we’ll name our’s “Material”, since they’ll be choosing between cotton or wool. Then check the two boxes below – “visible on product page” and “used for variations”.

To the right, there’s a VALUES box area. Add each option separated by a pipe. For our example, we’re adding Cotton|Wool.

PIPE: the pipe isn’t often used; it’ll be under your delete/backspace key, upper level to the backslash. It looks like this: |

Click the SAVE ATTRIBUTES button directly below the checkboxes.

Woocommerce Multiple Products

Step 3 – Adding the Variations

After the attributes finish saving, click VARIATIONS on the left side of the sam box area.

Click ADD VARIATION (blue button, bottom right). A new box will appear with options. From the dropdown at the top, choose the variation – for example, Cotton.

WooCommerce pricing - Attributes

Add a number/letters to the SKU box. Add a REGULAR PRICE for that item’s variation; so for Cotton, I’d enter the total price – let’s say $25. Below the variations, you can also set the DEFAULTS value so the buy button will always show, even before they choose an option. I’d recommend this. (of course, how everything shows  depends on your WordPress template)

Continue to add variations as need, just remember to choose the variation from the dropdown and set the total price (not a difference in price) for each. You can always go back to the Attributes and add more as needed. Make sure you save the attributes (SAVE ATTRIBUTES button) before returning to the Variations tab.

Click the blue UPDATE button on the top right of the whole page to update/save the entire product. To check what the product looks like, choose the PREVIEW CHANGES at the far top right of the page.


There’s a ton more you can do with WooCommerce – it’s a powerful add-on – but if you’re looking for product variations, with or without pricing variations, this’ll get you there!

  • Jordan says:

    What if I have a computer site with several attributes? For example, choosing an i7 processor adds +$100, better memory +$50 etc. There are so many options, and we need to show the user the additional cost incurred by each option to the base cost of the product. It would be unreasonable to create a variation for each combination, as it would mean hundreds of variations.

    I found this plugin, but am wondering if there’s another, free alternative:

    • Kim Joy Fox says:

      I haven’t needed an expansion like that for Woocommerce’s product options, but I’m going to bet that you’ll pay for a good one. This is fairly advanced coding.