App Review: eReceipts

Business Owners

I accept checks and cash from clients all the time. Of course, when I accept them, I’m not usually at my computer. In fact, I usually only have my iphone since I take notes on it.

And I get asked all the time for a receipt. So I went looking in the massive App store, and found one that works pretty good.


eReceipts is based on a simple concept: providing you the ability to send a Receipt to a client’s email from your phone. And this is does quite well.

When you log in, the intro page is very simple. You can add your information permanently. Each time you add all the information for each client, and then add the item you are charging them for. There is also an option to have them sign on the receipt, though I don’t usually find this necessary. Additionally, it keeps all the previous receipts you sent in a list for you.


The screen on your phone already being small, trying to fit all the input values into one screen is difficult. Converting the screen to one column with inputs from the top to the bottom would make it a little bit less cluttered.

Other then that, I love this app! Works just like it’s supposed to.

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