Azumano Travel – Redesign


Azumano Travel is a travel company started in 1949. It is an American Express representative, hence the American express logo by their logo.

Overall Design

The design has unfortunately gotten stuck… about 10 years in the past. Some telling signs? The width of the page is 767px and includes two sidebars – most modern designs are at least 1000px and sidebars are most often kept to one; The top bar area with the logo / picture is a bit old school; link overexposure – the front page has too many things to focus on, so it is hard to focus on any of them.

The first thing to fix this website would be to increase the width of the page. Since most computers can handle at least 1000-1200 pixels wide, I usually set my websites at about 1100px. We should get rid of the left sidebar (or the right..doesn’t matter). The logo needs significant help and the entire top bar should really be done away with. Ditto on the massive number of links: let’s give the user two to three things to really focus on.

The Logo

The type look squeezed together; it definitely didn’t come out like that. So that’s the first thing we need to fix. I’ll be honest. I don’t really do logos – I’m more of an all-over design person. So my version of the logo is going to be just the words (with the American Express logo). But anything is better than grabbing type and squishing it to fit into a smaller space.


We’ll put the links at the top of the page, give them some room to breath (slightly larger font, more space horizontally and vertically) and give them a grey background. Grey is huge right now, and I am in love with it. Don’t know when that happened…

We will, however, keep the drop-downs, although organized slightly differently (Honeymoon, Adoption, Corporate, and Events all under “Special Events”). That will cause our top links visible to the user to be significantly less.


This website left me thinking more about news then about vacations, so let’s add a calming picture to the background. I used the idea of a “big-picture” website instead of just a background picture, to add to the environment. A see-through page would go quite well over that beautiful picture.

Note that the picture I used in the design was just grabbed off Google; obviously, they would need to buy one. I wanted one that portrays that wide-open relaxed feeling that get when you first wake up at your vacation spot, look out at the surrounding beautiful scenery and enjoy a nice cup of coffee… oh! I so need to travel!

Top Bar

Now we did technically get rid of the top bar, but we need space for the logo and phone number. So all we need to do is move down the main white page a bit and fit in the logo and phone number there.

Main Page

The main white area of the website is split into two, instead of three, columns. I put the main information on the left, so their eye can go from the logo to the main area. In the top of the main area I put the items that I deemed the most important to see: the deals. Unlike their old site, I added in large photos and fonts to be more in line with the popular designs of today.

The items not as important (or the items that don’t change as frequently?) went in the right column sidebar. Although they put the search at the top of their page, I felt that opening up that prime real estate for “deals” would be more effective. It is just as easy for the user to spot that search in the right bar, but it isn’t the first thing they see.

And so: