Best & Worst Design DMV Websites in the Western US


The government isn’t really known for awesome websites. In fact, despite the money poured into technology, President Obama has been the first president to even act like online tech is important.

So it’s really no wonder that their websites are so terribly designed.

I’ve taken the DMV websites in the western US (California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona) and ranked them from best website design to worst website design.

And the Winner of the Best is:

Best DMV Website – California! (by a smidge)

Best Website Design - California DMV

Since I live in California, I know that this is a completely redesigned site (in the past year or two, I believe). I appreciate that they’re at least trying. For what they came from, this is great.

First Runner-Up – Washington DMV

The other acceptable site would be Washington’s DMV. It doesn’t make me gag, so that’s positive.

Best Website Design - Washington DMV

Losers – A Tie

As sad as this is, all the other states were terrible. I couldn’t even pick a “winner” for worst website design, although Idaho (bottom) is really bad.

Go ahead – leave a comment and let me know who you think deserves the Loser title!

  • mona mauri says:

    good idea and entertaining

  • Diane F says:

    The Colorado DMV website is absolutely the worst DMV website! I moved here recently from California and there is no comparison between the two. I’ve been looking for 20 minutes to find the hours of our local Colorado Springs DMV office, still to no avail. I could have driven there in the time I’ve wasted on the site. They should enlist your services, or do a quick fix on GoDaddy or WordPress until they hire a pro to make it user-friendly and actually provide a positive UX.

    Thanks for providing this forum to vent. 🙂