Using AJAX to Load More Information Into a Page

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to load additional blog posts into a page without reloading the web page. The basic setup below, though, can be used to reload anything on your site.

How to Choose a Good WordPress Theme

Wordpress themes come in all shapes and sizes, including various levels of quality. Choosing the right one can be difficult, especially if you don't know anything about coding, but it doesn't have to be impossible. Here's a few things you should check out before you buy a theme.

Strategic Blogging – What Should You Blog About?

You probably already know that blogging is extremely powerful for Search Engine Optimization. But to figure out what to blog about, we'll need to know why blogging is so helpful.

WordPress Theme Launch: Kainos

Kainos is a Professional WordPress Theme designed for users who want a clean, fresh site. It’s simple and easy to use, even for beginners! With Kainos, you can install the theme and be ready-to-launch in minutes.

Using CSS3 to Create a Beautiful Sidebar Transition

Last week I was casually browsing and came across a design with an awesome sidebar effect. I took a look at the coding and was delighted that it was done entirely through CSS3.

How to Rebrand a WordPress Theme

Rebranding a Wordpress theme is a small change that can make your work look more professional. It doesn't take much, just a few minutes, a screenshot, and access to the files.

How to Effectively Create a New Habit

We’re approaching the end of February quickly and I’m happy to say this year is shaping up far better than last year. I owe most of this to learning how to create new habits to achieve goals. We’ve all tried the “muscle-through” approach; you know, where you use self-control to make yourself do something every […]

Book Review: Pitch Like a Girl

It’s no secret now-a-days that doing anything “like a girl” is viewed in our society as being negative: throw like a girl, run like a girl. When Ronna Lichtenberg wrote this book in 2005, over 9 years ago, she had already thrown out this idea. In “Pitch like a Girl; Get Respect, Get Noticed, Get […]

Verify a WordPress Username is Available Before User Submits Registration Form – Part 2 PHP

This is part 2 of beautifying the WordPress registration process. While WordPress has some awesome features, the registration is a bit inelegant. In part 1, we created the jQuery needed to check the username basic requirements user-side and send the information to a PHP page. In part 2, here, we’ll create the PHP to evaluate […]

Verify a WordPress Username is Available Before User Submits Registration Form

WordPress has some nice features built into its registration process. It automatically verifies that the username is available, email isn’t already registered, etc. But it verifies AFTER the user submits the form, making it a bit inelegant. Using AJAX, we can double-check the user is available (and anything else we want!) and return feedback before […]

Using jQuery to Resize Images After Loading

At some point, every web developer comes across the need to fit an image of unknown size into a space on the site they’re building. If all the images will be vertical, you can do this just with CSS; same for all horizontal images. But if the image could be either, you come across an […]

2015 Goals for the New Year

I can’t believe we’re a week and a half away from 2015! Anybody else excited about new goals for this year? But first, a 2014 Recap There were a lot of changes in my family this year. My younger brother joined the army as an officer. My nephews are growing up so fast! I moved across […]

Book Review: The Power of Habit

Habits are one of those parts of life that you usually just don’t think about. But just because we don’t think about them, doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful. From when you eat to how you get ready in the morning to how you drive, a huge portion of our lives are made up of habits. So if […]

9 Things I Wish I Knew in my Twenties

I’ve hit it: the big three zero. Strangely enough, I didn’t think much about it. To me, the thirties is when people are hitting their strides. You’ve figured out who you are and what you love and how to move resolutely towards whatever you’ve decided you want out of life. But I’ll be honest – while […]

5 WordPress Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

Happy Cyber Monday! Now that you’ve had your turkey, got some shopping done, and put up your Christmas decorations (you have put up your Christmas decorations, right?), here are some quick tricks in WordPress to make your life just a little easier. Easily Reset the Permalink Who hasn’t typed in a page or post title […]

Beautifully Designed Quotes for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! ahhh Thanksgiving. That one day a year you can stuff yourself full of delicious food, sit on a couch, and enjoy a food coma with no judgment from anyone. Mostly because they, too, are in a food coma. But Thanksgiving is about more than the food, of course. So if the holiday snuck up […]

The 10 Basic HTML Codes You Should Know

HTML is the basic building block of the internet – the most basic way we communicate to a computer what we want to show up on the screen. And the best part? It’s far easier than you might expect! Here are the 10 most basic HTML codes you should know how to recognize. Beginning and […]

Book Review: The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management

A couple months ago I visited The Last Bookstore in LA. It’s a fantastic bookstore. It not only has popular books downstairs, but it has over 10,000 used books upstairs for $1 each. Needless to say, I bought an entire box full of books I thought looked interesting. The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time […]

Fixing More WordPress Problems

Unlike products that you code from start to finish, many of us use WordPress without fully understanding how it’s set up. And when WordPress doesn’t work how we expect, it can lead to a lot of hair pulling. Below are a few issues you might be having. My links suddenly don’t work This usually happens after […]