Beautiful Fall Designs – Four Websites and Four Posters

Ahhh, Fall. The beautiful cool weather, the sweaters, the pumpkin spice lattes. And the colds. Yep. I was one of the lucky few that got to welcome this beautiful autumn with a nasty cold. But that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying the beginning of Autumn; albeit with a few more naps and a lot more […]

Creating a Beautiful jQuery Animated Collapsible FAQ

Sometimes you need to add a lot of information on one page and make it easily accessible. To that end, collapsible sections on your page can be incredibly useful. And with jQuery, it takes only a bit of coding to make this beautiful layout. You can see the complete product at the bottom of this post […]

Three Unusual CSS Selectors That Will Change Your Life

If you’ve been working with CSS for any length of time, you’ve probably come across some problems that aren’t easily answered with a basic CSS setup. In those weird situations, these selectors will save your sanity. The Child Selector “>” The child selector is used between two elements where you’re trying to target the direct […]

Pinterest Tab: The Coolest Chrome Extension You Didn’t Know You Needed

Ahhh, Google Chrome. One of my favorite browsers available – not just because of the great built-in web development tools but also because of the extensions available. If you’ve haven’t use a Chrome extension, installing it requires just a simple press of a button. Pinterest Tab Pinterest tab is a Chrome extension that fills that empty […]

How to Manually Backup Your WordPress Website

There are a lot of plugins out there that, with just a few settings and a click of a mouse, will backup your website. But every once in a while you just might need to backup a site manually. If you’re not very techie, don’t worry! This is a surprisingly simple process. Yes. I promise. Trust […]

Elements to Design for a Custom WordPress Template

While there are lots of WordPress templates available now-a-days, there’s nothing quite like custom branding for a business. If you’re a designer, you probably get customers who want the value of custom design for their website. But when designing a site that will be built within WordPress, there are several built-in elements that you’ll need to remember […]

Top 9 things I learned at Wordcamp LA 2014

I spent this weekend attending Wordcamp LA. If you haven’t been to a wordcamp before, let me just tell you: it’s awesome. Not only are they inexpensive, but they happen all over the world. I attended last year and learned a ton, so I came prepared to hear some great speakers. I wasn’t disappointed. Here […]

Integrating Mailchimp with WordPress: Subscribe Users to Different Groups

oh Email lists. We all know we should build them, but integrating the services available with WordPress isn’t quite intuitive. Like many before me, I have long neglecting this important piece of my website. But no more! With a new design launched just a couple of months ago, I highlighted my email signup and ironed out the […]

WordPress: Adding a Post to Your Blog

So you’re ready to add a post to your WordPress site – Awesome! Welcome to the blogging world! Here are a few things you’ll need to know to make the most of your posts. How to get there If you’ve never logged in before, start here. You’ll want to log in by going to: […]

Top 5 Online Tools For Freelance Web Developers (& Users)

The internet is chock full of websites to waste time on: Pinterest, Youtube, (yes, that’s an actual site). But in the mess of websites designed to waste your time, there are some fantastic ones made especially for making you more productive. Here are a few of my most-used online tools. Rainy Mood / Coffitivity There’s […]

Oh No! A Business Owner’s Guide to Fixing Your WordPress Website’s Problems

As a web developer, I can be on the receiving end of some quite panicked emails/calls. “My website is suddenly not working! Can you fix it?” My first response is always the same: Don’t Panic. Most of the common reasons for a website not working can be fixed fairly easily. In fact, there are quite […]

Creating a Custom Post Type in WordPress in Under 5 Minutes

WordPress is a hugely powerful Content Management System, not just in what it can do out of the box, but more important what it can do with customization. One of the most useful customizations is called “custom post types”. A Little Background WordPress operates on a system of Posts and Pages. The pages are just that: […]

12 Inspirational Designs for Adding Text over Images

As any up-to-date blogger knows, it’s important to include an image on each post for, at the very least, the rapidly growing Pinterest crowd. I, myself am a devoted “Pinner” and hate the inconvenience of not being able to save a link simply because there wasn’t an image on the page that Pinterest could find. That being […]

How to Create a jQuery Animated Filter

Have you seen those really cool websites that allow you to show or hide items in a group by clicking a button? You know, like the jsFiddle below: In this post, I’ll be walking through the coding for creating this effect. (Please note: the jsFiddle above has lots of extra CSS and HTML for the […]

Wifi… on an Airplane? An Honest Review about Virgin America

About a week ago I was getting on a Virgin America’s flight in Seattle to head back to LA. I had spent a busy week networking, catching up with friends and family, and generally eating a lot of fantastic food. My flight was only 2 hours, but since some airlines are now offering wifi, I […]

Search Marketing Expo (SMX) – Link Building & Content Marketing with John Ball

This past Wednesday and Thursday I got the opportunity to pop in on a few sessions the SMX (Search Marketing Expo) in Seattle, Washington. Search Marketing isn’t really my primary focus, but John Ball’s session on Link Building & Content Marketing sounded interesting, especially because I do a lot of content marketing but not much […]

Responsive Websites: What They Are and Why You Want One

Responsive websites became all the rage during 2013 in the web development community. Not only was mobile traffic increasing exponentially, but the technology was finally available to create websites that were flexible enough to accommodate both desktops and mobile screens. What are they? A responsive website is a website that (within it’s coding) automatically adjusts […]

The Tools I use Everyday in Freelancing – Getting Work Done

Last week I was talking about the financial tools I use every day in freelancing. This week has all the actual work tools. Mailbox & Airmail I find it surprising that after all these years, email programs are still really pretty basic. As someone who gets constant emails from clients, my email is vital. Most importantly I have to […]

Memorial Day 2014

Happy Memorial Day! With my younger brother going into the army in less than a month, this Memorial Day was a pretty big deal for my family. We’ve spent this past weekend celebrating birthdays, visiting apple orchards, taking family pictures and playing Settlers of Catan (I totally won). So a huge thank you to those of […]

The Tools I use Everyday in Freelancing – Financial

Freelancing is a lot of things, but day to day it can get a little anti-social. Most of the time a nice coffee shop can dispense the isolation. When I’m going for a little different atmosphere, the Apple store in town works nicely. I originally bought the 1 year “get help whenever you want it” […]

Dude, You Fugly

According to Netcraft, there’s more than 644 million websites currently active online. So it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that there are a lot of ugly websites out there. The old Cannery Furniture and Mattress Warehouse definitely qualifies as one of the fugly ones – just check out the screenshot below. To be honest, I’m […]

What Net Neutrality is and Why it Matters to You

If you’ve been paying attention to the news you’ve probably heard about Net Neutrality. It’s big news right now because on Thursday, May 15, the FCC decided to consider paid priority on the internet. The public now has 120 days to weigh in on what’s going on. Let the FCC know what you think on their Facebook and Twitter. What is Net Neutrality Net […]

Adding Additional User Fields to WordPress Using PHP

WordPress comes supplied with basic fields included for each user. But at some point, you might want a few more options. In this post, we’ll be adding fields to the user’s profile page without using plugins; just pure PHP here, folks! Find the Right File All the coding that we’ll be doing in this post […]

If You’re Still Using the Facebook App – You’re Doing it Wrong

It’s pretty rare that I’m impressed by an iPhone app… and even less often that I get impressed by something Facebook puts out. This is the exception. I ran across a short review on Paper, a new app by Facebook, a few weeks ago and immediately looked it up in the App Store. I didn’t […]