Charitable Giving: Hope International

Charitable Giving

Have you given this month? If you haven’t, take a look at Hope International.

“At HOPE International, we implement sound microfinance and basic business training that enable our clients to build businesses and break free from physical AND SPIRITUAL poverty.”

I’m a huge fan of helping others help themselves, so¬†microfinance¬†and business training is something I can get behind. But I also know that not everyone can handle loans. After reading through Hope International’s Financial Accountability Annual Report (2010), I realized that they thought the same way. So they started a new program recently in India encouraging a different take on loans.

They basically encouraged the people to form groups of 10-12 people and each of them add money to the “pot” every week – a certain savings amount. Then, when someone needed the money, it would be there for them to borrow instead of borrowing at 120 – 140% interest rate which is apparently common in India.

That’s why I chose to give to their Hope – Entrepreneurs program.

I also really liked their openness about the Financial stuff. It is a prominent link on the left of their page (every page but the home page), and it has the entire previous year’s financial report right there for you.

Want to learn about their Hope – Entrepreneurs program? check out page 14-15. Want to see their money for the last year? on page 38-39. Want to see how they are rated as a charity? link to Charity Navigator provided.

They gave 83% of the money directly to their programs, including the micro-financing. That’s pretty impressive. In fact, Charity Navigator ranks them a 61.7 out of 70, which is pretty high for them.

So what are you waiting for? Make an Impact! Donate now!