Charity Spotlight: Laura’s House

Charitable Giving

Laura’s House is all about helping those involved in domestic violence. I’ve personally wanted to support an organization like this for a while, but because of the sensitive nature of it, many organizations don’t have websites or much information online. I immediately liked Laura’s House for their boldness (their office address is on their website), and their attention to detail (Quick Escape button at the top right).

Charity Spotlight: Laura s House   Ending the Silence of Domestic Violence

What They Do

Laura’s House, located in Orange County, is all about combating domestic violence with a multi-pronged approach. Honestly, they say it really great on their website’s About Us page:

Our target population is families experiencing the effects of domestic violence in need of emergency shelter, support, education and counseling. Laura’s House operates on the philosophy that domestic violence is multi-dimensional and often cyclical in nature and must be addressed through a range of interventions. Our goal is to provide supportive service programs that will prepare our clients and their children to live independent and violence free lives.

They deal with the real physical needs while also addressing the cyclical issues of abuse. They provide shelter, counseling, transitional, and legal services. Some of the stories they tell are of simple support: providing a woman abused with the legal help to get out of the situation. Some are much more: providing a safe place to stay, working with their boss for time off work, and providing counseling to deal with the emotional effects.

Financial Statements

The financial statements aren’t as easy to find on this charity’s websites as previous ones I’ve seen, but they’re found under Get Involved -> Why Donate? , or here’s the direct link:

Their financial Annual Report states that 75% of income goes to services, 12% to fundraising and 13% to management. I usually check up on charities on Charity Navigator, but this one isn’t rated yet there or on any site I could find. The charity isn’t one of the most financially open ones, but I didn’t find anything negative about them, so I decided to give.

Why I Gave

This month is domestic violence awareness month, and while I’ve never personally dealt with this, I think it is one of the most devastating things a person can go through. The home should be a place of safety and comfort, not fear. Beyond the immediate physical danger, domestic abuse emotionally damages a person, often leading to feelings of inadaquacy, worthlessness, or even guilt. When a person is constantly subjected to this, it is often incredibly difficult to remove themselves from the situation.

Laura’s House provides not only the services when people do leave, but also help for How to Leave  and a 24/7 hotline.

So join me this month in helping to stop Domestic Violence and give to Laura’s House!