Design Critique: MacRabbit


I’m the kind of person that loves random hilariousness. So MacRabbit’s simple design, beautiful illustrations, and hilarious About Page made my day.

Kim Joy Fox's Design Critique of MacRabit

Top Bar

The “open” look for websites is quite popular, as is the header bar stretching the whole length of the page on top – in fact, I’m currently programming a site with one. Their website makes apps, so it is only expected that the links have icons resembling app icons. I love it. The round circle¬†delineating¬†the current page, the color change on mouse hover, it’s simple, but awesome.

I also like that they put their name on the left and their icon on the right. With wide open space below, this helps add edges to the page.

Beautiful Illustrations

So the name Espresso might make me a little biased, but I do love their illustration for the Espresso web editor app. The colors draw your eyes in, and the additional explanation “the web editor” makes sure you know what they’re talking about.

The company currently has two apps – Espresso and Layer Cake. They were obviously trying to highlight Espresso – but I was originally a little confused as to what Layer Cake was. A different font for the words Layer Cake would probably help clear that up, as well as a little different wording on the description.

Random Hilariousness

It’s easy in the coding business to take yourself too seriously. But sometimes, you’ve just got to break out and make people laugh – which is exactly what they did on their About Page. Check it out – it’s pretty stinking hilarious. But it still matched their overall feel of their website. If their website was a staid business website, it would have just seemed out of place. But they keep the lighthearted animal theme throughout the site – even on their blog posts.

Most of the time when you think of elements that bind a website together, you don’t think about writing styles. But MacRabbit shows that it can be a powerful binding agent.