Design Critique: Sound Cloud


I love clicking links on Facebook and getting surprised by great design. Sound Cloud was one of those nice shocks.

I clicked on a link by Pastor John Piper and got to see this beautiful sound graphic:


I love that the site, which is all about exploring music and audio, makes the audio into visual so that it becomes the focus of the page. The reflection, the drastic color change, and the time notification make it useful and gorgeous.

The top bar was also a great choice over the traditional larger header. It focuses the attention on the sound, and also provides all the necessary links – with beautiful subtle hover effects.

The home page follows the “big image” trend, but because there’s different images that load in the background, they added a highlight (grey) background to the text. I love that they highlight a sound bite on the home page and keep the orange highlight when you start playing it.

Overall, it’s a nice site. But my favorite part is the visual representation of the sound.