Design Critique: Travel Oregon


Travel Oregon is a website I came across recently through Pinterest. My favorite thing about the website was the fonts used. I’m more of a programmer than a designer, but it seemed to have a nice balance between fun/adventurous fonts and more standard fonts.


The site has a playful side, specifically in the font choices and “Polaroid” picture navigation. But, while the top navigation and subsequent “button” navigation further down the page has a “written” font look (Scrappers – custom created for this site), the sub navigation and main paragraph fonts are Helvetica Neue. Recognize the name? Apple used it as their main font in ios7, although before that brands like BMW and American Apparel (check out Gigaom’s article about the controversy surround this font family).

But there’s a third font family used on this page too: Rokkitt, a Google font. It seems a bit weird to use three vastly different fonts on the page, but I kind of like it here.

If you’re a designer, let me know what you think in the comments. You can check out all the different fonts used by taking a look at stlandau’s comments on Typofile.