Design Critique: Wedding Websites


I’m on Pinterest A LOT. And if you’ve ever looked at Pinterest, the most popular items are Food, Exercise (ironic, ain’t it), and Weddings. I’m not getting married anytime soon, but wedding blog/website designs fascinate me, mainly because they are so unabashedly girly: they are all frills and swirls. I love it!And I hate your pant suit

There are tons of awesome wedding websites/blogs out there, but I’ve included some of my favorites (found on pinterest) in this post.

Style Me Pretty

Design Critique: Style Me Pretty

I love the texture and color of Style Me Pretty. The links have a great hover effect both with color and curly brackets around each side.  Every single image on this site has a beautiful hover effect that allows users to Pin It as well as a slide-up grey description that gives photo credits – somebody knows the power of pinterest!

The only things I don’t like are the placement of magazine on top and the links on the far left top. The links at least need some padding to fit in, but the magazine should be moved somewhere else.

Ruffled Blog

Design Critique: Ruffled Wedding Blog

I like the colors and textures of this one – polka dots and stripes. It’s a little plain, and there is an ad on top (which I really hate, even while understanding that it can be a necessarily evil).

Again, each photo has a hover “Pin It” button, but there is an added hover effect when hovering over the Pin It button that makes the image lighter. It’s the small things!

Green Wedding Shoes

Design Critique: Green Wedding Shoes

There is so much I love about this website design: how about that name?! And the Logo! The social media icons, the small “stitching” on the sides and the navigation, the search box, the triangle designs, the colors. I also like how they added a decoration to the ad on top; it doesn’t make me like it, but it does make it just a little bit more tolerable.

The only thing I really don’t like is the link bar on the very top right. The font isn’t the same as the rest of the page, and the background pink-ish color isn’t the right height.

All Things Wedding

Design Critique: All Things Wedding

To be honest, this website’s design is just a bit too intense for me. I like it, but it has a little too much color/bold design. But what I love about it is that the background is set. When you scroll down, only the content in the middle moves. It’s a really cool look.

Something Turquoise 

Design Critique: Something turquoise - wedding

And finally, something turquoise.  I just love the way the back looks spattered with paint. While the name or the design doesn’t tell you it’s a wedding site, the added ring in the logo is perfect. They also add a nice turquoise border around the ad at top, and I love that the sidebar is unashamedly ads – no double-sidebar, and no ads in-between links.