Design Critique: Wthr Iphone App


Iphone App WthrOne of the (many) reasons why Iphones became so popular was their beautiful design – both their interface and their hardware. And a beautiful piece of electronics deserves beautiful apps – and Wthr is a beautiful app.

When designing anything, it’s important to focus on what the user wants: namely, for a weather app, the weather. We want to know the temperature and the cloud situation. This app tells you by using an image and large san-serif font.

The clean, open design lets you focus on the information you want to know with no distractions. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it isn’t designed. The shadow over the top of the image area, the thin lines above and below the forecast for the day, the shadows on the other buttons – they all were conscious choices in designing this app. They provide a beautifully simple 3D feel.

The second thing the user will look for is the weather throughout the day, which is provided in a simple format below. That beautiful weather? California in late October.

Finally, he finished off with a simple switch icon for using either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

It’s a gorgeous design, well worth the 99 cents for the app.