Fixing More WordPress Problems

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Fixing More WordPress ProblemsUnlike products that you code from start to finish, many of us use WordPress without fully understanding how it’s set up. And when WordPress doesn’t work how we expect, it can lead to a lot of hair pulling. Below are a few issues you might be having.

My links suddenly don’t work

This usually happens after you move your site, but I’ve actually had it happen after installing a plugin. The home page will show up fine, but when you click on one of the links for your site, it leads you to a 404 page.

Fear not! Checking your permalinks can solve this problem quickly. Go to Settings -> Permalinks choose one of the options and save. I usually use the Post Name option. If you’re still having problems, choose a different option, save, and then re-choose the one you want and save again.

What’s going on? Permalinks deal with writing to the .htaccess file to control how the links look. If the permalinks still aren’t working, check with your hosting company about whether your .htaccess file is writeable.

My site forwards me to a wrong URL …when I log in/click on a link

Also a problem when you move a site, you click on a link or try to login and WordPress forwards you either to a 404 page or a wrong URL (the old one).

This fix is simple, albeit a little more complicated to get at. You’ll need to get into the database. Once logged in, choose the wp_options table (or whatever the prefix is plus options = prefixyouchose_options). Find the site_url and home options and edit those to the new URL.

What’s going on? WordPress grabs the site URL from the database. If you change the URL in the database, you change what URL is being shown on the front end.

The White Screen of Death

Anyone else getting flashbacks with the color blue? Much like those, the white screen of death tells you nothing about what’s going on. This often happens when a plugin is added or a site is moved.

The most common problem is with an installed plugin. If you can log in, deactivate your plugins until the white screen of death no longer shows.

Alternatively, if you can’t log in, you can either deal with it by getting into the files or into the database. For the database, go to the wp_options table (same as we mentioned earlier), find active_plugins, and (after copying this field and pasting it into a text document), erase the entire field. This will automatically disable all the plugins. Now you can log back into the website normally and re-active each plugin until you find the bad one. To deactivate a plugin using the files, navigate to wp_content -> plugins. You can either delete each plugin’s folder, or just rename them.

Once you figure out the plugin, you can either completely remove it or try uninstalling and reinstalling a fresh updated version.


One of the great things about WordPress is its active user base. If you’ve got a problem, someone’s probably found a solution and posted about it. Having a different problem? Leave it in the comments!