Google’s Top 3 Restaurants in LA


Everybody knows that getting high in Google search rankings is important. This fact is so well known that if you asked random people on the street, that would probably be their first criteria for a website.

So I decided to do a little test. I searched on Google the words: “restaurant” and “LA”, and, after getting through the restaurant directory sites, found the top 3 actual restaurant’s websites. Let’s take a look at their designs.


Lacques Restaurant LA Website Design

I chose to do LA because I live here, but I’ve never heard of Lucques… although to be honest I’m not really a foodie. They have a lot of things done wrong. I’m sure the leaves in the background were to invoke the view of the front of their restaurant, but they’re ugly (on the page, not on their restaurant). The logo… isn’t a logo. And it’s not even spaced well. The links are reminiscent of 90’s design, and the color they chose for the green just takes away my appetite. But what really takes it to the next level? The all caps title – WELCOME TO LUCQUES RESTAURANT LOS ANGELES FINE DINING & CATERING 8474 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood CA 323-655-6277 – notice the address and phone number. Yep. That pretty much says it all.

But the images of the food are gorgeous (probably spent more money on the images then the website – at least I hope they did!) and the links at the bottom to the other restaurants are well done.

Surprised that this is the first actual restaurant on Google? Don’t be. Google don’t look at design, it looks at text.

EVA restaurant

Restaurant LA design website

After Lucques, this website was a boon for the eyes. The clean white look is popular right now, but I think they went a little too far with the white. It’s a balancing act between a “clean” website and an un-designed website. The background image is fixed (which is why the picture above looks a little off…).

A few things I noticed right away: they have a beautifully simple logo and great images and the links at the top are nice. But the page is too narrow. Modern designs are embracing the larger screens, which means 1000 pixels wide (at least) websites are the norm. Anything smaller, and you start to look old-school, in a not so good way. I think the major off-ness of their website (that’s a technical term) could be fixed simply by widening it.

There are also a lot of small touches that need help – the main page has the “because we are family” in the wrong place, the social media doesn’t really look like it belongs, and the Book a Table seems out of place. But overall, this website isn’t too bad.

The Shores Restaurant

I’m a sucker for Tiffany blue, so maybe that’s why I felt an overflowing sense of happiness when I saw this website. But it is designed well.

Design Critique: Restaurants Google LA - The Shores Restaurant

The website is just about 1000 pixels wide, but includes design outside of the 1000 pixels because of the number of monitors now that are huge. If you look closely above (or click on it and go to the site) you’ll see the white overlay on the left and right of the main image slideshow.  It’s much more obvious on the main website, but it helps provide that invisible border line of the website.

There are a few parts I’d change up:

  • The main links (menus, events, etc.) I’d move to the right side and line them up with the top tiny links.
  • The reservation box on the left should be a bit bigger, it’s kind of dwarfed by the rest of the website

Out of the three top websites for LA in Google, this is my favorite design.