My Journey Through SEO – Part 2

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SEO Basics Google Plus & Google PlacesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is hugely important if you want people to be able to find you. I’ve tweeted some great articles on SEO in the past, but in this series, I’m taking you “down the rabbit hole” with me as I try out SEO techniques.

Part 1 was the basics of finding out where you are on the SEO map.

In Part 2, we’re going to start looking at some basic items to cover to get you started on the right foot.

Google Places

If you’ve ever searched on google for a business close to you, you’ve seen google places. This is a great easy place to start to get your business on the map, literally.

To get started, go to Google Places.

Log in (with any google login you have) and you’ll be on the Dashboard.

On the right hand side, click Add a Business and follow their prompts.

If I remember correctly, you have the choice of being called on the work phone to verify, or a postcard is sent to your business address. Either way, just follow the prompts and you’re golden.

Google Verification

To the next easiest step. (if you’re not a webmaster yourself, you’ll need to get one to help you on this step)

From my research, google verification doesn’t necessarily mean your site is suddenly going to get a million hits (obviously), but it does help out.

Go to Google Webmaster Tools.

Choose to add a site on the right, then Verify This Site.

Again, follow the steps through,verifying using whichever method you prefer.


This is a great SEO tool. It takes all the information about your website and condenses it into one easy-to-read report… with helpful tips on how to improve!

And it’s free. Go to¬†and type in your domain name.

The first item it tells you is your WooRank. And then it gives you the top 5 things to do to improve your rank. Awesome, I tell you.

Go ahead and browse through all the options. It’s a huge report. The plus sign on the left will give you more information regarding that item, including its importance and how hard it is to fix.