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Happy New Year!

New Year's Goals 2014 - Web DevelopmentIn less then 48 hours we’ll be welcoming in a brand new year; a blank canvas of potential. And while I’m not a big fan of large parties celebrating the actual event, I love the idea of starting over; of doing better; of accomplishing things I’ve never done before.

And every year I have. Maybe not everything on the list, and maybe not exactly the way I expected to, but each year I’m excited at how far I’ve come.

It’s hard, you know. To make the switch from school accomplishments to normal life. In school, you’re always moving forward – to junior high, to high school, to college. But then you graduate and the forward motion stops and suddenly you’re no longer moving.

You’re just sitting still.

In your job, in your life. Things go the same as they always have been. You wake up one day and you’ve been working at the same job for 5 years.

Of course the truth is that we’re all still moving, even when we feel stagnated. We’re solidifying habits good or bad; we’re creating or marring friendships; we’re moving closer or further away from our dreams.

The trick then is to guide where we’re going. It’s to think about what we want to accomplish and consider who we want to become and then make plans to get there.

So I make goals.

This year, I’ve got a few I’ll share with you.

Growing my Business

I was very excited last year to switch to freelancing as my main source of income. And I made it the entire year! I learned a lot along the way – from communicating more effectively with clients to social media advertising, to streamlining my work process.

This year, I’m planning on doing more, better. I’ve raised my goal income for each month; Solidified my work process using tools that work for me; and partnered with other professionals.


I’ve always loved teaching, but for the past two years this blog has been my only outlet. So this year I’m focusing on bringing teaching back! By the end of January, expect to see teaching videos for WordPress up on the website, and hopefully this summer a class in Santa Clarita for learning WordPress – start to finish!


Another thing I love. This year I enjoyed books like “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, “Great by Choice”, “Predictably Irrational”, “Getting to Yes”, and “The Power of Habit”. I’d highly recommend all of these (links found below), but this year I’m moving on to a new list (some from Bill Gate’s reading list):

  • Maximize Your Potential: Grow Your Expertise, Take Bold Risks & Build an Incredible Career
  • The Art of Being Unreasonable: Lessons in Unconventional Thinking
  • Moonwalking with Einstein
  • The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable
  • Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School

While I only have 5 right now, I’m sure I’ll be adding more as the year goes on. If you have book suggestions, leave me a comment!

Being (more) Healthy

I’m pretty sure this is on everyone’s list for every new year, but I’ve recently noticed how being healthy can impact my work. But it can’t be a goal unless you’ve make it specific and attainable, so this year being (more) healthy for me translates into regular exercise and removing sugar (except for in my daily coffee…. that’s vital for life).


Well I’m excited about 2014! To help me stay on track, I’m scheduling “Check-Up” days each month this coming year.

Are you setting goals for this coming year? If you are, share some in the comments!

  • Eshcole says:

    Being a recent grad for web development, my goal is to land a job in web developing even if its a contract job. I’ve always preferred a full time job but maybe its time to try something new. I’ve already started on my health goals by cutting down meal portions and I joined a gym last month. I now workout 4 days a week faithfully. 🙂