Redesigning the TV Remote Control


I don’t think there is any more hideously designed piece of technology then the remote control. I have never once in my life used or known how to use all the buttons on any of the TV remotes that I’ve owned. Sure, I can punch in the TV channel number, or move up or down in the channels – I can even scroll by page in the menu area. I can change the volume, mute it, fast forward and pause, but the functions of the other multitudes of buttons on that tiny remote I can’t for the life of me figure out.

And to be honest, I think if I ever did, I would feel like Pam in The Office after figuring out the copier machine:

It’s almost as if the TV companies put together the channels and add the remote as an afterthought. So I’m taking one of the standard remotes (Time Warner) and redesigning it to create something easy to use.

There are a whole lot less buttons on mine! The extra buttons (at least the ones I can figure out what they do) can all be added to Menu or Guide – because let’s be honest: the “shortcut” buttons on the remote no one actually knows how to use anyways.

Oh, and it’s my birthday today 🙂

redesign remote - Kim Joy FoxRedesigned remote - Kim Joy Fox