Sharing Godaddy & Google Access with Your Web Developer

Business Owners

When you first hire a web developer, they’ll need access to some of your accounts. And while you could give them absolutely access with your passwords, sometimes you’d like to give a little less control.

Thankfully, to do this is fairly easy.

Godaddy Access

To give your web developer Godaddy access, log in and click on SETTINGS.

How to Share Godaddy Access

On the left side, you’ll see a link for ACCOUNT ACCESS directly below the line separator.

That will take you to a page with some additional information and a link on the right for sharing access.

How to Share Godaddy access

Choose GRANT ACCESS and add the information needed. You can give them just access to Manage Products so they can set up your hosting and domain names as needed.

When the recipient of the email receives it, they’ll go to the same section – SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT ACCESS to get to your account.

How to Share Godaddy access

Google Webmaster Tools Access

Google webmaster tools is a required tool for any website, but since Google has combined all users and passwords, giving your web developer your Google webmaster tools passwords will allow them access to your gmail as well.

If you don’t want to give them that much access, there’s a simple fix.

Log into Google Webmaster Tools.

Choose the website you’d like to share.

How to share google webmaster tools

Next, choose the GEAR icon in the upper right, and select USERS AND PROPERTY OWNERS.

Then choose the red button in the right labeled ADD A NEW USER and enter their information.

You can either choose Full or Restricted. Note that Full doesn’t allow them access to any other Google tools or services, and it doesn’t allow them to become an Owner of the site. Most of the time, Full is a fine option.