Stream of Consciousness: Discovering the Mailbox App

Business Owners

mailboxAppI’ve heard a lot about the mailbox app, and almost signed up in line waiting for it, but it seemed an interminably long wait. Well today it became available to all; so I immediately paused everything I was doing and downloaded it.

This post is my stream of consciousness (translated a bit into readable sentence and mostly proper grammar) while I discover the app.

Main Problem with Gmail: There’s not much organization for emails. I often have conversations going back and forth regarding websites, some which I can deal with now, some later, but not really any I should delete. Gmail has nothing to help with that, while this app seems to.

The App

5:55pm – wow. That’s a quick download. Either it’s a small program or my internet’s super fast right now.

5:56pm – I’m so excited to open this app!!!! It might change my world. Maybe it could replace my gmail app! That’d be awesome.

5:57pm – A walk-through. Interesting. Should it be easy enough to figure out? I guess a few tips would help me learn all the features.

5:58pm – must pause Fringe. Can’t concentrate on this many things. That’s better. So there’s basically later, current, or done icons on top. Later is on the left, and it reminds me later; current is in my mailbox now, and done are things I’ve dealt with, but not deleted. Lists is swiping all the way to the left, delete is swipe all the way to the right.

5:59pm – Ooh. Got an email from the Mailbox App with some more hints.

6:00pm – apparently I need to set up some settings for the later action. Going to settings in the left corner. Sweet. There’s the lists. Let’s make one for each website? Yeah. That should work well!

6:01pm – that’s easy. Type in the name and hit done. Goes right up. If you delete the list, the messages will go into my archive. It’d be nice to be able to archive the entire list – so they’re organized in case of later need.

6:06pm – Another option. Snoozes. What’s this do? ooh! It tells the app when my day starts to let them know when to give me the email for the day. 8am. I think not! 10am sounds much better. End workday at 7pm is fine. Later Today is 3 hours. That’s fine. Someday is 3 months!!! wow! Do they want me to never get anything done?!?! How about 1 month.

6:10pm – Sync Preferences. Do I want to unstar moved items? I just started using these, so it’s not a big deal. No. I want to keep them starred, just in case.

6:12pm – Notifications. I’ll have to try these out. I don’t think I want every message giving me a notice, but maybe.

6:13pm – Badge Count. Sweet! I can turn off the little button that counts current messages!!! Wait. Do I want that? I’ve never had the option to turn it off, and now maybe I’ll miss something important if I turn it off. This might be a security blanket.

6:14pm – It tells me how to use my email. “Use your inbox for the stuff you need to focus on now, and send the rest to archive or later.” Um, controlling much?

6:15pm – What else is on the menu. Help. Tips and Tricks. WHAT?!?! I can reorder messages!!! That’s freakin’ awesome. Also, why has no one thought of this before?!?!

6:16pm – For every day I get to zero in my mailbox there’s a picture to see. Like those stickers I got as a kid. Actually, that might encourage me to empty the mailbox. I am so easily manipulated.

6:17pm – Looking at my later messages. all deferred quite nicely to tomorrow. This will be so useful when I get updated information on a website, but it’s scheduled work time is tomorrow.

6:18pm – let’s check out my mailbox again. Ooh! I like the teal blue that indicates I have a new email. OK I just deleted it. Wait, where does the trash go. Does it work just like gmail’s normal trash? I can’t remember! Probably. I won’t worry about it.

6:19pm – Love the menu list. The icons are simple and great colors. no distraction. Love the grey. Always.

6:20pm – Oops! Moved it to the wrong list in an attempt to be faster like a ninja. Let’s go to that list and move it…¬†panicking¬†a little. Yep. Moves really easily. Nice.

6:21pm – Wait, wait wait! I didn’t want you to be “later”, I wanted you to do “list”. I must have picked up my finger too soon. Maybe if I just click outside this little box area it will know I made a mistake. Yes. Oh good. Let’s send it to the right list.

6:22pm – 3800 emails in my inbox. I guess I know what I’ll be doing on the plane next week… and every time I watch TV… and possibly the rest of my life.


I’m totally in love with this calendar, despite the fact that it’s highlighting my failure of organization of my mailbox for, like, ever. Pretty sure it’s going to change my life.