Design Critique: Tennessee never looked so good


Personally, I’ve never been all that interested in traveling to Tennessee. Nothing against the Tennesseans because apparently my ignorance is more to blame then the state. This website does a masterful job of changing my mind.

While the popularity of a “page” look on a website (you know, the shadows behind the main area that give it a slightly 3D look) has been a mainstay in website design for years, the rising popularity of 3D objects behind the page has me excited. There is just something incredible about those orange and red leaves poking out behind the picture; I almost feel like I’m in Tennessee admiring the fall colors on a cool day. Actually, more accurately, I wish I was in Tennessee admiring the fall colors on a cool day.

But the leaves would be nothing without the color scheme. This designer did a great job with matching the idea, fall, with all the different colors he used. Just like the red/orange is a highlight color of the fall, he used it as a highlight color on his page making the majority of the website shades of blue.

The designer also took the “big design” look and modified it to really make it work here. All of the buttons on the left side (top one red) have a ton of room around them; the very top buttons are fit in a wide spacious bar; and the upcoming events have large pictures as buttons. And speaking of links, how about the number of links? Although there is a significant number, you don’t feel overwhelmed because of the awesome organization of them…and perhaps possibly to the bigness of them as well.