Things I Learned at WordCamp and Why You Should Go

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Things I learned at Wordcamp and why you should goI’ve been to a few conferences in the last year and had radically different experiences at each – but WordCamp LA was by far the best. It was a fantastic experience both in the quality of people who attended and in the awesomeness of the workshops.

For just $40, we received two T-shirts, were fed amazing lunches both Saturday and Sunday, and listened to full days of teaching. What more could you ask for???

I went to a workshop during each time slot (they also had a “happiness bar” open the whole time for one-to-one questions and answers), and even when I wasn’t sure about the topic, I learned a ton.

Things I Learned

A few things I learned during the two day conference:

  • Child Themes – how awesome they are, and how incredibly easy they are to use
  • WordPress Functions – overview and how to use
  • The Underscores theme and why you should use it
  • How Multi-sites work and what they’re useful for
  • Consulting for Large Companies – pitfalls and difficulties along the way
  • Intro to SASS and LESS
  • Tips on Responsive Design
  • How to realistically set and manage client’s expectations
  • The Importance of measuring success

I originally was excited about the SASS and LESS, but there was SO much good stuff at this conference I was shocked!

If you didn’t get to go this year, don’t worry! Because like a good WordPress-ee (yep… just made that word up…) I’ll be sharing the information I learned on this very blog.

Why You Should Go

So why should you be interested in going? The first reason is obviously the knowledge available. The people leading these workshops were incredibly intelligent and knew what they were talking about.

Second, the networking. I went with RKN Studio and met a TON of new people to network with – and not just say hi and become friends, but designers who we can partner with, content writers, marketing people; relationships that can be a win-win.

Third, the reminders. It’s easy to get so stuck in what you’re doing – the grind – that it’s hard to take a step back and look at big picture items. Sure, most freelancers, myself included, try to constantly improve what we’re doing. But it’s hard when you’re going at it alone.

So connect. Listen and learn. Get involved in WordPress meetups.

And next year, I’ll see you at WordCamp LA 2014!