Top 5 Coffee Shops in Los Angeles according to Google

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As a freelancer I get to work in a lot of coffee shops. There’s just something about the atmosphere that inspires creativity and out-of-the box solutions. Since I live just north of LA, I have a plethora of great coffee shops to choose from – when I’m willing to brave the traffic.

Unless I’ve gotten a personal recommendation, to find new coffee shops I google. But coming up on Google’s first page isn’t about how good your coffee is; it’s about how good your SEO person is. You can have fantastic coffee, but if you don’t put money toward your SEO, getting the crowds will be a lot harder. The following are the top 5 actual coffee shops that show up in the search area for the search words “coffee Los Angeles”.

Keep in mind, I tried “coffee shops” and only one (Stumptown) came up on the first two pages. Obviously the following websites’ SEOs are focused towards “coffee” not “coffee shops”. SEO testing would have brought this out and brought more customers in.


Stumptown has 14 locations across the US. I’ll be honest – their design is my favorite of the 5, although FIX Coffee (the last one) is a pretty close second. While I love their fonts, layout, and design, I’m not a huge fan of the font used in the paragraphs. Looks a little too coder for me – might be a personal thing, but I’d have used a different serif font.

If you browse their website, though, it’s very cohesive. All the images are in the same style, not just CSS, but the look of the images themselves. Borders, lines, and designs are all tightly connected.


Intelligentsia Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee is just good coffee. I’ve actually been to the coffee bar (as they call it) in Pasadena and it’s a great space to work in.

The overall design of the site could use a bit of work, though. The header just kills the site. The rest of the page is beautiful; love the images and the layout of the page. The footer’s nice. There’s a weird twitter area below the main image that should needs help, but that header… yikes.

That being said, I do love me some Intelligentsia coffee.


Lamill Coffee

Lamill Coffee roasts coffee and has a coffee boutique in Silver Lake.

Sidenote: We’ve now got three different phrases to explain really the same thing: Coffee shop, Coffeebar, and Coffee boutique. Most people will be searching for coffee shop. Hipsters and others who feel proud to be “in the know” might search for Coffeebar. Those looking for smaller coffee shops – less “corporate” might search for coffee boutique. If you’re only using one of these terms, not all three, you should have a really good reason.

The design is bleh. The background is a weird puke-like color; the images that rotate are super old-school design. Top links are very Joomla-esque. It seems like they tried to do something with the area below, but it doesn’t quite work. I’m betting the design is around 5-7 years old; time for an update!

I do love their logo though!

Lamille Coffee

Single Origin Coffee

Single Origin Coffee’s website looks pretty nice. I like the sidebar with their logo on the top. The design is reminiscent of the 60’s and old classic cars. Weirdly, though, their first line of text identifies them as a contemporary coffee bar, which is a bit at odds with their design (although retro’s in… does that make it contemporary or not?)

That being said, I do like the design, especially the the links in the left sidebar: very imaginative without making it difficult on the user to find what they’re looking for.

Only thing I really don’t like? The main image being lower than the logo. I’m betting this was an owner’s decision, not a designer’s. All the website’s I’ve seen with sidebar logos like this one have the content at the top, equal to the logo.

If you take a look at the about section, you’ll see this: “Pastry Chef Hourie Sahakian is distinguished as one of L.A.’s most promising culinary leaders.” Pastry chef. Need I say more? I will definitely be visiting this coffee shop for more than the coffee.

Best LA Coffee Shops - Single Origin LA

FIX Coffee

Did you mention contemporary? FIX Coffee is the epitome of a contemporary coffee shop design. It’s got the huge image at the top, parallax design (a 3d effect where one part of the website scrolls faster than the other), and large block links.

I really liked this design as well, but it’s second place in my book because it’s not as tight of a website as the first one. There’s one image in the top slideshow that doesn’t fill the whole screen, so it just looks bad when it comes up. At the very bottom, there’s a super bright orange area that hurts my eyes. I like orange, but that shade in that big of an area made me sad.

Loved the heading of each area; loved the links at the top; loved the logo. The slideshow shows that they are involved in community which is really cool too. I especially like the quote from the founder Marc Gallucci: “Coffee Should Matter.”

Yes, yes it should.

top 5 coffee shops in LA - FIX coffee

So which one is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!