Unusual Designs from Around the Web


Unusual Designs from Around the WebDesign is always changing, regardless of what field it’s relating to. But while colors seem to permeate across the different field’s in design, the trends in a given field can be vastly different and isolated from the design in another field. While I make websites all day long and at times, the design trends I’m seeing can get a bit… stale. It can help to go outside of my field of websites and see what other people are doing.

Here are just a few inspirational designs that aren’t being used on websites.

Animated Gif within Gif

The gif inside of the letters is actually the same gif, but with the colors inverted. I’ve seen animated gifs moving more into mainstream (like Chipotle’s website), but the inverted colors and letters were new. Or, even the gif behind the letters is a little unusual.

Credits: missusackles and Supernatural

Credit: ItsOkSammy

Print Design Layout

In web development, we always think in boxes. This print design layout is a bit unusual for web designers. The designer did an entire series like this – really great work.

Letters show through to Image

This one’s a lot like the top one, but I’ve been seeing a lot of this design or variations on this design.

Credit: FixSam

Scrapbooking, but with Gifs

The designer did several of these, each with a static “scrapbooking” type background and one animated Gif. Again, not seen in our website designs, but they come across very cool.

Large Images, White Space, and Justified Text

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed in these designs is that there’s plenty of white space. Lots and lots of white space. These designers are also very fond of justified text.

Not Coloring Inside the Lines

Circles encompassing images is nothing new – not anymore. But these graphics take it a bit further, using circles to draw the design together, but not staying within the lines.

Credit: Unknown

Pastels and Borders

Another unusual design, this one brings all the different elements together with colors and fonts.

Credit: Unknown


There’s so much good unusual design out there! In fact, one of the huge areas where design is cropping up among those without design backgrounds is among fans of TVs or movies. They have the time and don’t have the restraints most designers work within daily. So why not integrate these styles into new websites trends?