What is Included When I Pay for a Website?

Business Owners

What is included when I pay for a websiteThis is probably the most important question you can ask when you’re hiring a Website Developer, mainly because it varies so widely.

I actually charge clients hourly, but I give an estimate at the beginning so they know the general price. Most large companies charge a set rate, but they’re very particular about you adding anything along the way. If, say, you wanted to add Custom Text, they might require you to buy another “package”. Because I charge hourly, I can be flexible along the way.

I obviously can’t speak for everyone, but here’s what I include/don’t include:


  • Custom Design
  • Gather Content & Images from Client
  • Creating Pages
  • A Basic Email Form
  • Basic SEO & Google Statistics Hooked up
  • Connection to Social Media
  • Show Client how to make changes to the website

Not Included (unless specified)

  • Ongoing Maintenance/Changes
  • Custom Text (I don’t write the website content)
  • Insertion into Databases online
  • Customization of any Social Media Pages created (for example, backgrounds added to twitter)

The “Not Included” can be included, they just usually aren’t when I quote a client. Most small business don’t have the desire or the money to invest in an all-out website development service; frankly, it would be like paying for a BMW when you really just need a bike. If you want them included, make sure you specify that so it can be added to the quote.

Never Included / Can’t Be Done

  • Guaranteed 1st page of Google Searches
  • Endless Revisions to the Design

You can never be guaranteed to be on the 1st page of Google searches because the actual equation used by Google for ranking sites is unknown. If someone guarantees that, run! Because they have no idea what they’re doing. I can, however, guarantee that your site will be Search Engine Optimized. I will create it so that Google can find it, log it, and display it correctly. Most of my clients end up on the front page of Google pretty quickly.

Additionally, endless revisions can’t be included because I can’t “build in time” for endless revisions. I can charge hourly, though, if you like changing things and are willing to pay for it!