Yellow Conference Review: Do Goodness and Bloom

Business Owners | Charitable Giving

Yellow ConferenceOn Thursday and Friday of last week I had the privilege of attending Yellow conference. It was an awesome time of connecting with other women, being better at business, and inspiring goodness in what we do.

The purpose of Yellow Conference, “Do Goodness and Bloom”, could not have been better communicated. I’m approaching the rest of this year with a renewed sense of how I can make my business grow while seeking to do good for others.

The two days were jam packed with amazing moments, but here were a few great things I’ll be walking away with.

Book Recommendations

I’m always on the lookout for great book recommendations and Yellow Conference didn’t disappoint. Among the books I’d read and loved that were recommended, like “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, there were quite a few I hadn’t. Jeff Shinabarger who spoke at the conference about making decisions, wrote “Yes or No: How everyday decisions will forever shape your life”, which is now on my list to read. “Essentialism” and “E-myth Mastery” were recommended by Becky Simpson, an illustrator who is currently a part of Adobe’s Creative Residency. Eryn Eddy Erickson, who started off the conference, recommended “Boundaries”, “Just Listen”, and “The Flip Side”.

If you want links to the books, or what else I’m looking at reading, here’s my list of books I’m hoping to read soon, as well as the books I’ve already read and loved.

Blooming Business Thoughts

There was a lot I learned over the two days of the conference. Here are just a few things that stuck out to me.

I loved Eryn Erickson’s quote, “Vulnerability doen’t make your weak, it makes you accessible.

Liz Bohannon spoke about the validity of design iteration thinking. We often think we have to know everything before we start, but a more realistic approach to life is going step by step, moving through multiple iterations of a plan instead of a master start-to-finish plan. Being open-handed in our approach to solutions and being willing to do rapid prototyping is far more effective than forcing one solution onto the problem.

Sean McCabe emphasized how everything starts from writing. Actually, his talk inspired a new habit of writing a certain number of words every morning – which this post was born out of!

Jessie Simonson said about selling your product: “If you can make the customer feel the way you feel about your product, they will buy it”.

Jeff Shinabarger shared a fantastic quote: “Problem solvers pursue purpose in spite of risk. The problem is worthy of overcoming your fears.”

Also, Vic Harrison shared a sad quote by Nicholas Kristof: “toothpaste is peddled with far more sophistication than all the world’s life-saving causes.”

Doing Goodness

In addition to a great string of business entrepreneurs and their wisdom, the conference also focused on several non-profits. From the “KIND Campaign” that’s dedicated to stopping bullying in high schools, to Charity:Water whose goal it is to bring clean water to millions around the world, the non-profits were inspiring.

International Justice Mission  has been one of the charities that I’ve given to for years. Their focus is rescuing people from slavery, including sexual slavery, and putting those responsible behind bars. It’s a phenomenal organization and one that I highly recommend giving to. We had one of their speakers share what they’re doing during Thursday’s dinner.

So Worth Loving‘s founder Eryn Eddy Erickson actually started the conference. I hadn’t heard of them before, but I loved the message they are sharing. They focus on those with eating disorders, depression, and self-worth issues. It’s a beautiful message to share with those who are hurting.


It can be difficult to fit a conference, especially an all-day intensive conference like Yellow, into schedules, but it’s worth it! I was given tools to grow my business, met some fantastic women, and was inspired to do goodness. I’m ready to sign up for next year’s Yellow Conference!